Reliability, predictability, security and speed are top of the agenda for both customers and businesses, and our cross border support systems deliver on all these fronts. Cross border businesses can be stymied by the challenges associated with high costs of liquidity, compliance risk and lack of standardisation. We address these barriers.

We use technology to alleviate these issues. Systems that enable payments from a business or individual’s account to another account, known as “rails”, are being facilitated with sophisticated digital infrastructures, with several rails being used simultaneously in cross-border payments. The multi-rail approach ensures direct connections, reduced friction and improved efficiencies which are passed directly to both consumers and businesses. Bringing the best together…

We at Bhagyalaxmi Impex Ltd aim to strengthen a direct connection with internatinal institutions globally, ensuring improved transparency, certainty and predictability in cross-border transactions, regardless of payment purpose or endpoint. These new connections ensure global access to streamline cross-border businesses.

Partnerships, new technologies, a multilateral approach and multi-rail interoperability all represent positive moves that BLIMPEX GLOBAL makes towards fulfilling the goals set out by our valued clients, more transparent and less costly. More particularly, reducing the risks and costs involved in processing low-value cross-border transactions offers an opportunity to concentrate resources on improving customer experience and gaining a competitive edge.